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smashedhorizon's Journal

im just a girl whos trapped in a box
5 September
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well...hmmmm....thinking of what to put in here......for starters my name is dana and im 25 years old. i am a massage therapist.

i am usually a very friendly person, unless your on my bad side, than im a big bitch! i can be shy when i first meet somebody or talk to them, but once ya get to know me, im a fun girl. ive also been told that im crazy and my personality is contagious. i am a big concert person, i go to as many as i can. im a little rock star. i meet famous people and it is cool! well i guess thats it for now. =)
(i also like a band called me first and the gimme gimmes but for some reason it wont let me add them to my interests. that sux!)
my 2 all time fave cover bands are blasted and crank! check them out! they both rock!

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